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Friday, November 15, 2013

Are We in a Sellers or a Buyers Market?

I’ve been telling you and showing you stats of how strong of a market we had the whole year. We’ve experienced high buyer demand, and low inventory of sellers willing to list. 

So the big question comes, has the market changed? Yes and no. It really depends on your location and what your price point is.

As a whole – yes, we have noticed a trend in the market slow down just prior to the government shutdown (about 60 days ago). Earlier in the year first time homebuyers accounted for 40 percent of the home sales, while now they make up only 28 percent.

So what does this mean for you as a seller? Didn’t you tell me in your last blog now is a great time to sell? Yes and it still is. We are entering more of a balanced market. What it really comes down to is your location, price, and level of condition – with great pictures and staging (as I mentioned in my home ready tips blog).

And if you were one of the buyers who walked away from the market – whether you were frustrated of getting out bid or the lack of inventory, we have the tools to find you the right home because it may not even be on the market yet.  

But don’t take our promises, our numbers prove it. So if you’re thinking of buying or selling, I would be happy to set up an appointment to discuss the market in your specific area of Northern VA, DC, or MD.

If you are looking for more information about the real estate market you can click here to view a great article  I found that describes the top 10 issues affecting real estate.