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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Make Buying Your Next Home as Painless as Possible!

Looking to buy or sell a home in Northern Virginia? Click here to perform a full home search, or if you're thinking of selling your home,click here for a FREE Home Price  Evaluation so you know what buyers will pay for your home in today's market. You may also call us at (703) 636-3588 for a FREE home buying or selling consultation to answer any of your real estate questions.

When you sell your home, you are likely going to hire an agent to help you sell your home because of their expertise. On the other hand, buyers need representation too, right?  Today we are going to talk about why you need a buyer specialist when you buy a home, especially here in Northern Virginia. 

Northern Virginia Real Estate AgentThere are hundreds of reasons to use a buyer specialist. The main one being that you want somebody on your side of the transaction. You want somebody who can negotiate for you and look out for your best interest, just as the seller's agent is doing for them. 

We at the Gresh Group know the Northern Virginia market and the inventory. We have over 300 fellow Keller Williams agents who work with us and are the first to let us know of great listings in the area. We also know how to make a winning offer and get you into the home you want. We have done countless hours of research on the market, and understand what price will get you the home you want. 

Coming soon, we are going to be holding a FREE buyer specialist seminar right here at our office. This seminar will help you head in the right direction in terms of financially preparing to buy your home. This is a free event, open to everyone, and we would love to see you there. 

Seminar Date: Tuesday, February 10th at 7pm

If you have any questions for us, don't hesitate to reach out to us via phone or email. We look forward to speaking with you!