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Friday, June 16, 2017

Thank You, Dad!

Father’s Day is upon us. Many of us will be visiting our dads, bringing them gifts, and saying, “Happy Father’s Day, Dad!” How can we begin to show that we appreciate all the things a dad has been to us? Somehow, the traditional gift of a tie doesn’t seem to cover it. How do you show your gratitude for learning life’s lessons without even knowing you were being taught?

When you couldn’t quite grasp the concept of long division, and your dad stayed with you until you got that “Oh! Hey, now I get it!” look on your face, he was teaching you, not only math, but perseverance. When you broke the neighbor’s window, and he marched you over to own up to it and made you do chores to pay for it, he wasn’t just teaching you responsibility. He was teaching you that honesty is necessary, even when it’s uncomfortable.

Some “experts” have thought that fathers were almost an unnecessary entity. Recent research, however is proving otherwise. Kids just simply do better with a father (or at least a father figure) in their lives, even one that is less than perfect, than when none is present.

Teaching a child how to ride a bike, or how to swim, or how to use a hammer are important things, but they can be taught by others. Showing a child that he or she is important enough for you to spend the time it takes to teach these things, is a priceless lesson. The value of a game of catch, or one on one at the basketball net, or even a game of Go Fish, after a hard day’s work doesn’t register immediately to a 7 or 8-year-old. When children grow to adulthood, however, and remember these things in light of their own fatigue at the end of a long day, it becomes a cherished memory.

Fathers don’t do these things to get presents on Father’s Day. They do them because they love their kids. This is all the more reason to show your gratitude, of course. A tie is nice, but to Dad, your “presence” is all the presents he needs.

We here at Janet Gresh Realty would like to wish all the fathers, foster fathers, and father figures in the McLean area a heartfelt Happy Father’s Day!