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Friday, September 1, 2017

How Does Title Insurance Protect You as a Buyer?

As a homebuyer, title insurance protects you from many things when you’re closing on a home, and it’s absolutely worth it to purchase it.
Selling your Greater Washington DC area home?
Buying a Greater Washington DC area home?

Title insurance is a type of insurance most people don’t know a lot about, but there are a few reasons you should consider purchasing it. 

According to title expert Wade Vander Molen, title insurance protects you from any liens, past liens, judgments, defective recordings, fraudulent things on the title, and any other known or unknown items at the time of the title search. When you close on a property you have clear title to, none of those things carry over to you. 

Title insurance is definitely worth the purchase when closing on a home.

The title insurance policy protects you for up to 150% of the value of your property. As your home value increases so does the policy. It also protects you for not only the time that you own the home but after you sell it as well. Title insurance is one of those policies that protects you from everything that happened previously—not going forward. 

“Title insurance is definitely worth the purchase when you’re closing on a home,” Wade says. 

If you have any more questions about title insurance and how it can protect you when closing on a home, you can give Wade a call at (480) 203-6452, email him at, or visit his blog. 

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